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From simple, realistic advice to full survey and mitigation packages, Vespero provides personalised professional consulting.


Specialist consultancy services in bat ecology, advice on ecological survey design and statistical analysis, bespoke training courses, ultrasound capture and analysis techniques and photographic imaging.

Services include:

  • Echolocation Surveys
  • Tree and Buildings Surveys
  • Survey Design & Statistical Analysis
  • Mist-netting
  • Radio Tracking
  • Echolocation Call Analysis
  • Sound Analysis Training
  • Statistical Analysis Training
  • European Protected Species work


Vespero Consulting is run by Dr Dean Waters, with twenty years experience in bat biology, acoustical surveys and work with ultrasound.


Formerly a senior lecturer in Zoology at the University of Leeds, Dr Waters has over thirty peer reviewed papers on bat biology, ecology and behaviour, as well as work on ultrasound and group behaviour.